Vegan Pumpkin Treats

I am a fan of anything pumpkin and exploring vegan baking and healthy recipes in general, so when I came across a couple of recent posts for vegan pumpkin treats, I immediately bookmarked them to try out when I had a chance. And that chance came yesterday when I attempted making pumpkin butter for the first time, along with pumpkin oatmeal squares. Both are vegan recipes, created by Angela Liddon, author of Oh She Glows.

First up was home made pumpkin butter. It’s actually pretty easy, and doesn’t actually have any butter in it, despite the name. I heard about this recipe of Angela’s about a month ago on Twitter via a post for the Little Black Pearls blog, and the visuals of the delicious looking pumpkin butter drew me in. After about an hour from start to finish, here’s my final product:


One went to my Mom, and one for me! Next up were the Pumpkin Oatmeal Anytime Squares. They were super easy to make. These are not only vegan, but gluten-free and oil-free:


The recipe is available here. They have both almond flour and pecan pieces in them, so you’ll get some protein to balance things out, but you could adapt the recipe if there are people with nut allergies in your family. My only tip is to wait until they are completely cooled to try to lift them out of the pan, or else you may find they crumble easily rather than come out in nice squares!

Finally, add some of the pumpkin butter and a few more pecan pieces on top, and you have yourself an absolutely delicious and relatively healthy breakfast or snack!


Check out the Oh She Glows cookbook – it’s full of great plant-based recipes!


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