Fabbrica is the Chef Mark McEwan’s rustic and authentic Italian restaurant, located in the Shops of Don Mills, just across from his gourmet food shop, and one of my favourite places to shop in Toronto, McEwan.

On my most recent visit, I ordered the Margherita pizza, which goes into a Neapolitan wood-burning brick pizza oven, in which the pizza is cooked from start to finish in just 90 seconds. Every component of this pizza is so good, from the bright, fresh tomato sauce to the crust, which I could happily eat on its own.

We also tried the smoked trout salad (pictured), a side dish of kale (which I enjoyed very much, but had too much cream for my liking) and of course, since it was a birthday celebration – dessert! We ordered tramezzino dolce (savoiardi sponge, marsala mousse, espresso sauce, caramel) and sfingi (ricotta fritters, lemon, raw sugar). All was delicious.

I also have previously ordered the pappardelle with braised shortrib (yum), and also the gnocchi, which I can say with confidence is the best I’ve ever had. This is great Italian food that even an Italian nonno and nonna would appreciate.

From the top-notch service to amazing food, Fabbrica gets my top rating 5/5 and remains one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. And that’s saying something, since I like a lot of restaurants!

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