YamChops: A Vegetarian Butcher Shop

YamChops is a vegetarian butcher shop located on College, west of Bathurst, the first of its kind in Canada. YamChops is the brainchild of Michael and Toni Abramson, who previously ran a Toronto-based advertising agency.

What is a vegetarian butcher shop you might ask? With a full commercial kitchen on site, they serve a variety of plant-based proteins for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, or for people like me simply looking to eat more plant-based meals and less meat.

Regular offerings included no-pork pulled pork, szechuan no-beef beef, chick’n shawarma, tuna-less tuna, coconut ba-con, no-crab crab cakes, beet burgers, carrot lox, and more. Check out how they turn root vegetables into lox.

After hearing so many great things about them, I couldn’t wait to try what they had to offer. I decided the time had come when I saw they were offering a plant-powered Christmas dinner. This meal started with a carrot ginger soup, followed by a farro salad with pear and endive. The farro salad was really good and a nice surprise. I’d happily have it again any day for lunch. The mains included a beet wellington, cranberry roasted vegetables and maple mashed yams. All were great, but the star of the show was the beet wellington, a very creative and delicious entree with beets, mushroom sauté and vegan feta wrapped in phyllo. Finally, a vegan chocolate pudding was offered for dessert. Overall the meal was delicious and worthy of a holiday dinner. Portions were quite large and there was enough for leftovers the next day – the photo below only shows a part of the main course!


YamChops also sells a number of healthy cold-pressed AuJus juices and selected prepared foods, including a personal favourite, locally made sauces from Nona Vegan. I had the chance to try their popular szechuan no-beef beef dish a couple of days later, and it was delicious and tender. A nice alternative dish for those looking to cut back on red meat.

YamChops is well worth a visit. I’ll certainly be back! They also deliver, if you’re within their zone

Check out YamChops at twitter.com/YamChopsTO or Facebook at www.facebook.com/YamChopsTO


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