Dinner at the Public Kitchen

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you may know I’m a big fan of Chef Doug McNish and his Public Kitchen on Marlee Ave in Toronto, serving wholesome real food, that is organic, vegan, and best of all, delicious. So I was super excited that he started offering Friday night dinners on January 16th and was fortunate enough to make it out for dinner tonight.

Sharing Platter

We started out with the Sharing Platter: house pickled, fried and roasted vegetables, hummus, crackers, flatbread, Wood and Water tre nuht cheez, grilled local wood fired bread, and pickled onion. This was really good with a nice combination of items, our favourites being the flatbread (more please!) with the savoury and smooth tre nuht cheez (made with organic raw cashews).

Eggplant Seitan

For mains, one of our dishes was the Eggplant Cannelloni – eggplant wrapped with house made cashew ricotta, in a roasted red pepper marinara sauce, with confit garlic chips, baby arugula salad, aged nut cheese, balsamic dijon dressing, and tomato powder. In the photo above, you can’t see the cannelloni hiding underneath the wonderful mound of arugula, but it’s there and was delicious, especially with the smooth cashew ricotta in the amazing red pepper marinara sauce.

Our second main was the seitan scallopini – a breaded seitan cutlet, with white wine lemon caper sauce, whipped acorn squash, on a bed of garlic greens, topped with parsnip chips. I really enjoyed this dish and all the flavours worked really well together. The whipped acorn squash was particularly delicious and don’t get me started about those parsnip chips… so good. Can I get a bowl of these please?


But perhaps I did save the best for last – the Crisp Cheesecake. Now remember, all the food is vegan, so this ain’t no ordinary cheesecake, but rather a salted caramel cashew cheesecake, with spelt phyllo, warm caramel toffee, and orange cinnamon maca tuile. This is probably my favourite dessert I’ve had anywhere in the past couple of years. The warm filling that oozed out of the phyllo was just so rich, delicious and velvety, I wanted to order another and scraped my plate clean!

I hope my photos do the plating justice. Everything was presented beautifully, the servers were very attentive and friendly, and the food amazing. Highly recommended! Whether you’re following a plant-based diet or not – this is good food. Dinner reservations are available Fridays from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. Check out his website — a special Valentine’s Day menu is offered on February 13 and 14,

Well done Chef McNish. I can’t wait for next time!


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